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The Minato Residence: “new masterpiece” of Japanese brands in Haiphong

Ngày 05-07-2021 Lượt xem: 335

With the great advantage of a location with full suite of facilities such as seaport, airport, logistics infrastructure, and administrative reforms to improve the environment, Haiphong is a “magnet” for large-scale foreign investment flows, drawing in the greatest Japanese capital nationwide.

Inspired by the idea to build a small Tokyo in the heart of the port city, The Minato Residence is developed entirely by Japanese investors. Everything from design to construction and handover as well as the management of Minato Residence are carried out by Fujita and Takara Leben. Japan’s two premier leading real estate investment groups possess solid experience and financial strength, with prestigious projects stretching from the Americas to Europe and Asia.



The Minato Residence: “new masterpiece” of Japanese brands in Haiphong
The construction of CT2 Tower of The Minato Residence is proceeding on schedule

Founded in 1910, Fujita Corporation is the general contractor of Daiwa House Group. The company has a respectable track record in the construction of skyscrapers such as The Park House Nishi-Shinjuku Tower (the tallest 60-storey apartment building in Japan); Tsudanuma The Tower (44 floors), or Royal Meadow Korean Tower (37 floors). Daiwa House is one of leading real estate groups in Japan. In 2020, the group achieved net sales of JPY4,126.7 billion ($37.14 billion). By April 2021, Daiwa House Group has consisted of 444 companies with about 71,000 employees.Meanwhile, Takara Leben is one of the leading real estate groups in Japan. With more than 50 years of experience, Takara Leben owns many big real estate projects in the land of the rising sun.

The Minato Residence is also managed by Leben Community Takara Leben – a company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of apartment building management and operation in Japan. The entire operation process is implemented by a Japanese management team.

With the advantage of entirely managed by Japanese investors, The Minato Residence ensures to maintain the best quality, bringing residents a prosperous life with sustainable core values.

The Minato Residence: true Japanese living standards

The apartments at The Minato Residence blends tradition and modernity, ensuring natural balance, while bringing maximum comfort to the owners. The investor has taken meticulous care of every little detail, building a utility paradise, while optimising green space, sunshine, light, and wind.


The Minato Residence: “new masterpiece” of Japanese brands in Haiphong
The Minato Residence project will feature 26-storey twin residential towers

Residents of The Minato Residence will enjoy quality life, filled with Japanese culture: living and interacting with the elite residential community, immersing in the seasonal festival spirit throughout the year with diverse activities like joining Calligraphy class, Chanoyu class, Setsubun festival, Hina doll festival, Hanami festival, Tanabata festival, Obon festival, Nagashi Somen festival, and more.

"Japanese lifestyle" is also reflected in the system of miniatures designed with the water - stone - green trees trend in the campus or cherry blossom roads interspersing the residential areas, creating a slice of Tokyo right in the heart of Haiphong city.

Offering an elite lifestyle with sustainable values, The Minato Residence is a masterpiece and a worthy residence for owners who want to enjoy a resort life at home.

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